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Tulsa Area Real Estate Investors

The Tulsa real estate market has a history of being stable, and hasn't been drastically impacted by the sharp rise and subsequent fall in value that other markets throughout the country have experienced.

But as any Investor knows, there is money to be made in any environment.  The Tulsa market has seen an increase in foreclosures and a decrease in qualified buyers resulting in lower transaction prices particularly in properties in need of repair. 

Fast Construction is the company to call on when the next opportunity presents itself.

We have a passion for remodeling single family homes quickly, while maintaining quality control, and helping you move to your next project.  We understand that a property that isn't either occupied by a paying tenant, or sold, is costing you money.  Fast Construction has the experience necessary to overcome the diverse problems that neglected single family homes present.

Please email us or call our office to discuss your specific needs.

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Seamless guttering & Leaf protection

A small investment today can prevent costly future repairs


Multi-unit Solutions

Apartment Managers or Owners that require work beyond the scope of Maintenance Personnel

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Tulsa area real estate investors

Investors looking at the financial opportunities that today's real estate market can provide.