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Seamless Gutter

For years we have experienced first-hand the damage that can be caused by improper drainage. Fast Construction has been hired to repair countless properties, and in many cases, water was the cause of the problem. The erosive power of moving water wreaks havoc on both homeowners and investors. The problems are diverse and can range from damaged landscaping, to mold, to causing your homes foundation to fail.

Getting water off your roof and away from your home is critical. Fast Construction has invested in the equipment to install seamless guttering to better serve our customers by not only repairing damaged property, but helping to prevent it in the future.

Seamless guttering is a great solution in most cases. In other cases, seamless guttering is a piece of a more complicated drainage solution.

At Fast Construction, we will propose a solution and help you protect your greatest asset, your home.

Update: Our Seamless Gutter Truck is now equipped with both a 5" and 6" machines.


Seamless guttering & Leaf protection

A small investment today can prevent costly future repairs


Multi-unit Solutions

Apartment Managers or Owners that require work beyond the scope of Maintenance Personnel

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Tulsa area real estate investors

Investors looking at the financial opportunities that today's real estate market can provide.