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Our Customers

Home Owners

Home owners with outdated or distressed homes that are looking to better their quality-of-life through renovation, rather than sell and move into a different house.

Home owners that want to sell their home and need help providing a marketable and ultimately a sellable property in today's competitive real estate market.


Investors whoe are taking advantage of the financial opportunities that today's real estate market can provide, whether you are meeting FHA lending requirements for re-sale, or developing a long term real estate investment portfolio, Fast Construction can aid you through the process giving you honest opinions based on years of experience.  Tulsa area real estate investors


Lenders that are struggling with ever growing inventories of foreclosed homes and dwindling qualified buyers must either drastically reduce the price to entice investors or remodel the property and market towards home buyers

Rental Property Owners / Landlords

Rental property owners and/or landlords that understand the value of truly maintaining their investment properties and not allowing sub-standard maintenance to de-value their property

Apartment Complex Managers / Owners

Apartment complex managers and/or owners that require work beyond that performed by on-site maintenance personnel. The idea that the "cheapest fix" to a maintenance issue makes for a larger "bottom line" is short sighted at best, sadly this was the standard operating procedure for many Tulsa area complexes. New owners, lenders, and receiverships now have properties requiring significant capital improvements to recover from years of cheap fixes and neglect. Multi-unit solutions »

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Seamless guttering & Leaf protection

A small investment today can prevent costly future repairs


Multi-unit Solutions

Apartment Managers or Owners that require work beyond the scope of Maintenance Personnel

London Square

Tulsa area real estate investors

Investors looking at the financial opportunities that today's real estate market can provide.